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Friday, June 27

Bye Celsius

Back in the States, now in Maine! Went through customs (no firearms or fireworks), drug sniffing dogs, and border patrol no problems. Still have some Canadian money, like $2 coins.

I got in one run with shoreturtle- Nova Scotia is much more hilly than home.

Prince Edward Island was different than expected- bigger with farms and cities. But Brackley beach and Cavendish were great. The weather rained so biking and boat rides were out.

The only downer was a visit to a Halifax comic store. The girl working there did what has happened to me before-- she was yapping away to coworkers about Heroes Con. As soon as I came up and tried to joke with her she shut up and kind of ignored me and made it real uncomfortable. Why is it that whenever I go to a comic store with a girl working they act like aholes to me? We have a lot in common, I know all the artists and support women in comics--- they act much worse than even the most unsociable fanboy. So I don't have a positive comment about that store-- think it was called Strange Adventures or something...

On a postive note, here are two of the hundreds of pics from Canada-

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Tuesday, June 24

Canada, eh!

Canada is great. Despite being the typical Americans, ignorant of Canadian geography, the metric system, and what 19 celsius is...Nova Scotia has been excellent. New Jersey can be so hard- rushed, clipped, rude--we could learn from the people here.

The drive was long- 9 plus hours to Bangor ME, then about 8 more across New Brunswick to Nova Scotia. I thought it would be a scenic drive full of water and lighthouses, but the highway was basically tons of trees, a few crows, and moose crossing signs (with no moose). It was so expensive to fly, or take the car ferry, but it was a bear of a drive.

But, Halifax is so nice, and its true how nice Canadians are. Shoreturtle and I went for a run, and the cars actually stop! They don't race through the crosswalk like home.

We went to the Citadel, where we saw a huge British fort and learned about the British, French and American history. The Celtic influence of the Scottish and Irish is everywhere too.

Peggy's Cove lighthouse is on rocks that are just incredible.

There are long stretches where there are no real gas stations, or ATMs, or much except water or trees or homes. There are a lot of Tim Hortons (a sandwich place named for some hockey players).

Last night we were so lucky to meet RobbRunner and his family. They toured us all around Mahone Bay, Lunenberg, and back to their house in Bridgewater. Perfect hosts and great company-- we ate mussels and other seafood, drank Keith's beer-- then went back to their house to see their ridiculously talented boys play guitar, fiddle, tin whistle, piano!! Big thanks to the family for the night.

The killer....Cusackboys

Today we drove a few hours to the Bay of Fundy (biggest tides in the world) and ate Digby scallops and walked along. We found a little rock filled beach that was secluded in a little park, and the weather was just perfect for rock hunting.

Tons of photos to show later--- tomorrow we leave for Prince Edward Island.

Friday, June 20

Vacating next week

Can not wait for the week off in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island that starts tomorrow! Much packing and prepping to do.

Some interesting posts:
The Middleman pilot (no I haven't seen it yet!)

Russell T. Davies article (Doctor Who and Torchwood)

William Katt making comic books
(I met him at Chiller con a few years ago-- he was very Cali mellow. )

Whole week of Super Friends commentary on Retro Squad

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Thursday, June 19

REM- and Eddie Vedder!

REM show amazing. The best energy and set list since I think the Monster tour. We were in the second section, right behind the sound board.

And Eddie Vedder joined them for "Begin the Begin"...this is not from the Philly show but it was so cool.

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Tuesday, June 17

Food, Rides, Carnival games

The carnival opened last night a few blocks from us. The weather was supposed to be severe rain, L&T, even when the wind kicked up we left. Did get to have some carnival food with mom and shoreturtle. Tonight is fireworks night so we are going back.

Tomorrow night is REM! The weather has cooled into the upper 70s so hopefully it will be a nice outdoor show. Will be great to see the new Accelerate songs performed.

As far as comics, I read House of Mystery #2- still really enjoying the art and concept.

Trinity 1 and 2- hey I'm caught up on a weekly series! So far, so good. I like the focus on the big three and how they have different reactions. Batman sees criminality, Wonder Woman an oracle force. The backstory with Green Lantern and the purple Konvict was full of action and little barbs..Trinity 3 this week!

Hope those of you in the Buffyverse read Buffy Season 8: #15.
There is a giant robot Dawn, Willow's magic, Dracula joining forces against vampires in Japan, Andrew's jokes...

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Thursday, June 12

late to the Fables table

So for years I've been wanting to read Fables, and feeling guilty that I didn't love the first trade enough to carry me along. I know, everyone says "it gets better after the first trade". So I'm re-reading Fables: Legends in Exile, starting with my friend Jack of Fables racing to tell Bigby Wolf about the blood stained room of Rose Red. (yet another stunning redhead comic character). I have the second trade on hold so I can roll into that.

I love Willingham's take on the Fable and the "Mundane" world- his writing is witty, smart, dramatic, with sexy women and men but not bimbos and himbos. The art style of Medina's pencils in Fables: Legends in Exile is full of emotion and expression with unique framed panels that give that old dusty book feel.

There was once a Fables vs. Y the Last Man debate, and the Fables fans were more adamant about their title. Any big Fables fans out there? I am a believer in Jack of Fables.

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Tuesday, June 10

Hold down the B trigger button...

Just tested the Wii bowling for tomorrow's program at the library. Kind of fun to teach 4 other staff who have never used or seen it. The projection and sound in the computer lab works well. And with no air at reference, it is hovering at 80 and humid -- much cooler in the lab .

God, as far as comics, between the bereavement, being sick, busy at work, in my pool, shoreturtle has been weeks since my pickup. I don't have Final Crisis or Trinity in my hands. Will catch up at some point.

B gave me an extra copy of Max Brooks sample from Avatar Press-
Zombie Survival Guide:
Recorded Attacks Graphic Novel. The black and white zombie art and story were well done-- looking forward to seeing the final product. Did not get to see Max at Wizard due to a delayed train.

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Thursday, June 5

sinus infection plus heat wave

A dreaded and common sinus infection has hit me. The Z pack is kicking in, but I'm still worn out.

Still reading the Tales from the Starlight Drive-in GN.
(From Badger Comics: Writer MIKE SAN GIACOMO presents 32 stories taking place over 50 years at a Drive-In Theater, featuring 21 artists from around the world. Stories stand-alone, mirroring life and the cinema with tales of crime, romance, science fiction, musicals, even a western. The stories combine to create a single novel with a powerful, shocking finale you won't forget. Fascinating characters, imaginative stories and clever twists will make STARLIGHT the surprise hit of the year.)

Need to go to my LCBS to get 3 weeks of comics. I didn't pick up many new comics at Wizard. I think I bought 2 indy comics and the Tales.

A heat wave is coming tomorrow- and only 5 of 8 compressors work at my library- leaving the entire Reference section with no air. It's been like this for years, and I always dread summer because of it. So it will be around upper 80s at my desk, perfect for being ill.

A couple new blogs have emailed me about being part of the Comic Book Legion--
The Nerdy Bird
(tagline: has boobs, reads comics)

Comic Bookish

..and more I'll highlight later! If you have a blog you want to add just send me an email at