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Monday, March 31

Forget red sox nation-

Sunday, March 30

sunday sunday

Hey all, going to work after a one day weekend. Staff who work weekends as their regular schedule- which some consider bad to begin with- end up getting punished over regular holidays. The library was closed Sunday, so I couldn't work if I wanted to, but I had to make up the time Fri. So it was a long week, with some nasty, greasy teens who made it worse. Working with the public day in and out is hard.

Anyway, read the latest Wonder Woman, Atom Eve 2( only 2 in that series), The Sword (still going strong). Last week I only had 1 title I wanted: Jack of Fables.

Just read the book "Rock On". Heard it was hilarious- not so much. Corporate music made for some interesting insider stories though.

Now reading "The Ten-Cent Plague". All comic fans should get into the history of comics, quotes from creators-- and the sales figures from the golden age! Millions of copies of Superman sold a month, and hundreds of new comics.


Sunday, March 23

Echo #1, or how Terry Moore gets women right

Happy Easter! We had an Easter Brunch, then a nice run in the park. NJ is finally on the cusp of spring weather. Over the last few days, I've watched a few movies, some bball, played Wii, and enjoyed the few days off.

Comicwise, I almost missed Echo #1, luckily my LCBS still had some. Terry Moore crafts both the story and art. Echo is the story of two women (um, an echo of the two strong women from Strangers in Paradise), Annie a 'test pilot' for a beta suit and Julie, who was photographing some flowers when an accident caused part of the suit to rain down on her.

The cover is gorgeous, with Julie looking up and silver dots raining on her. I will say my first thought was the black and white art was a little sparse after such a cover (maybe I'm spoiled by glossy color superhero floppies). But then, on second look, the expressions, and details from shorts pockets to the flight suit to Julie's hair texture are almost tangible.

I hope some of you are or will pick up Echo, published by Abstract Studio Comics.

About 10 others in my new pile to read now!

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Tuesday, March 18

Doctor Jones

I didn't know...
There will be a comic tie-in to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
On sale May 22 FC, 56 pages $5.99 Miniseries

What I've liked recently:
Into the Wild the film
The book touched me, and I even saw Krakauer speak about his bigger seller, Into Thin Air. I worked in outdoor education, and the story of someone seeking themselves in the outdoors was familiar. Can't believe I didn't see it in the theatre, and really believe Oscar missed out here. Emil Hersch played a hell of a part- and watching the extras of the demands of filming and the weight loss made it even more intense.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles the series
Just finished Season 1, and while it's not perfect, I did enjoy the action and characters.

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

Dedication page starts with "for the librarians". Gets even better.

Get Rich Slowly blog

I didn't like the recent Vinyl Underground (naked chained up women with numbers on their heads, and being found dead) or Catwoman. Justice League was OK, if a little stuffed with characters and too much Vixen.


Monday, March 17

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
Happy St. Pat's to all! I caught 2 parades this month, and am wearing my green today.
Off to read JLA 18, The Vinyl Underground 6, and Catwoman 76. Still a few weeks behind.

Thursday, March 13

We named the dog Indie

Two new blogs for 'indie' comics = let's support the outsiders=

Learn about titles like Scorn, and Skyscrapers of the Midwest.

I'm gearing up for two cons and a graphic novel presentation at the library conference. Just over a month to NY Comicon - I've been there every year (although this is only #3).

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Sunday, March 9

The Guilty Ones

Went to see Spring Awakening on Broadway. I liked it. It didn't pack the emotional punch I thought, but the voices were outstanding and a few songs were excellent. One of the leads is the Blake Bashoff - he plays Karl, Alex's boyfriend on Lost.

Thanks to a NY train ride, I read 7 comics.

Buffy the VS 12
Drew Goddard (Lost writer) takes on Buffy in this arc. Everyone's hot over the Buffy with a chick scene. It was funny to see most of the scooby gang discover her and Satsu (is that her name?) together. Xander's "beautiful burning eye" was especially funny, as was his normal geeky pursuit of a girl. And our Andrew- that will be comic fun. Beautiful cover, well written, and in the spirit of what we love of the Buffyverse.

Justice Society 13
The overcrowding of the JSA comes to play in trying to find space for new JSA'ers. Sad to say I've never read Kingdom Come, so the Gog ref's-- I'm following but don't really understand. There are getting to be so many characters I have to keep flipping to the front to see their names and summary.

Let's see, I also read the latest Rex Libris, Birds of Prey, the new Doctor Who...have a stack at home too. I'm reading People of the Book-- dedicated "for the librarians".

Fun blog:
Stuff White People Like

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Saturday, March 8

Very wet in NY

Tuesday, March 4

For the Irish

St. Patrick's parade in Belmar. A sunny day, but still cold in my Irish sweater, suede coat and gloves. Dumb kids in only a tshirt and some dumb blondies in miniskirts! After being out for over four hours, we left before the parade was even over!

Saturday, March 1

Distinguished pool owner

I just saw a piece of my mail addressed to "distinguished pool owner". I think that is excellent. Although the only thing I've done in that pool is push water on the cover toward the pump to drain.

Today I worked out in the 'cardio theatre'- running to a U2 concert. Bought bulk stuff at BJ's, watched Lost, and need to get ready for tomorrows big St. Patty's parade-- 100,000 people!

Recent reads-
Kong King of Skull Island 2
(whoa, I am behind, because the site says Kong 5 is out this week!)
Writer Chuck Satterlee continues the tale of Vincent Denham, stranded on the same island his father found Kong. Tommy Castillo has a great Kong and dinosaur cover. An ad states the Kong, King of Skull Island is 'soon to be a major motion picture', so let's all prepare!

Jack of Fables 19
How can I not love this series where Hillary Page runs around in her "Hot Librarian" T shirt? A cracked Humpty Dumpty, Gary, Jack chased by zombies or "animated corpses with bad grammar".A chase across prohibition, the Great White North "freezing cold, hockey and weak beer" and onto New York, the south...finally to the Lost City of Gold!

Phillygirl let me borrow her Powers trades-- I've read #2 Roleplay "Roleplay is nearly perfect, combining a compelling story, drop-dead gorgeous artwork, and outstanding production values that put most other trade paperback collections to shame".
Oeming's constantly interesting panels and art with Bendis' story that winks all the 'reals' fans, with tragic results.

and #3 Little Deaths. When hot superhero Olympia dies, and the Powers team investigates. I especially like the double page spread of women from Olympia's black book-- every one of them a redhead! Nice taste. The ads, interviews, and kids coloring book- chock full of Powers content. I still have 3 more trades to read!

The Boys movie I say they have to roll back the old X rating to get 10% of the comic in this film.

Black Hole, Akira films

Joe Hill's Locke and Key for film or TV? I haven't read, but I did love Heart Shaped Box.

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