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Sunday, March 30

sunday sunday

Hey all, going to work after a one day weekend. Staff who work weekends as their regular schedule- which some consider bad to begin with- end up getting punished over regular holidays. The library was closed Sunday, so I couldn't work if I wanted to, but I had to make up the time Fri. So it was a long week, with some nasty, greasy teens who made it worse. Working with the public day in and out is hard.

Anyway, read the latest Wonder Woman, Atom Eve 2( only 2 in that series), The Sword (still going strong). Last week I only had 1 title I wanted: Jack of Fables.

Just read the book "Rock On". Heard it was hilarious- not so much. Corporate music made for some interesting insider stories though.

Now reading "The Ten-Cent Plague". All comic fans should get into the history of comics, quotes from creators-- and the sales figures from the golden age! Millions of copies of Superman sold a month, and hundreds of new comics.



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