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Sunday, August 16

The Marvels Project

I picked up 2 Marvel titles- The Marvels Project written by Criminal writer Ed Brubaker and Amazing Spider-Man #600, the $4.99 oversized issue.

The Marvels Project is 1 of 8, and includes a big roster of Marvel artists for covers (McNiven, Vines, Hollowell, Epting, Prel, Jimenez), with Brubaker and Epting writing, and Dave Stewart on color art. There is some intriguing late 1930's art with a taste of character- Sub-Mariner, Human Torch, Nick Fury. Brubaker adds depth to characters, but dipping in the well of the Nazi's as enemies..but we'll see. I will pick up issue 2, slated for Sept. 9th

Amazing Spider-Man I've only read a few pages..but Aunt May is marring JJ Sr?

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