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Saturday, August 8

Batman: Reborn (and a lot of chix)

I am reading much more of current Batman: Reborn series than expected.

Batman: Detective Comics 854 has me because it stars redhead Batwoman. And the unique and beautiful J.H. Williams art made it a must have. The panels have unique cuts, and I enjoy seeing the dramatic Batwoman costume and also Kate in real life. And Renee as the Question in a backup story.
Elegy part 2, issue 855 On Sale July 29, 2009

And Gotham City Sirens 2, written by Paul Dini. Starring 3 DC badgirls in Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy, I had to give this a go. Yes, the art is cheesecake, but with that title and these characters, what else would I expect to see? Even Talia makes an appearance to help hide Batman's identity.

Harley: " Mr. J always told me there's only one joker and one batman!"
#3 On Sale August 26, 2009

Streets of Gotham 2 - Manhunter backup series (I won't call them second features as Didio wants). Alfred, Comm. Gordon, Dick, Damian Robin- and Firefly setting the place on fire.
#3 On Sale August 19, 2009

Dick: "You believed you were saving a life, Alfred. No one can fault you for that. "

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