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Tuesday, December 30


Going to a 10:45 AM showing of The Spirit. Don't think I've ever gone to such an early movie. With all the good films like Benjamin Button, Slumdog, The Reader out, I probably should see those but I'll have to see for myself what has been done to Eisner's The Spirit.

My pulp friend Rich said the entire film of The Spirit could be summed up in a few lines. But he did go see it opening day anyway.

The Spirit review: Variety
The Spirit" reps its antithesis: Relentlessly cartoonish and campy, it's a work of pure digital artifice, feverishly committed to its own beautiful, hollow universe to the exclusion of any real narrative interest or engagement with its characters.

The Watchmen war
Fox, let it go! Take some bucks and leave the Snyder cut to WB.

Comicbook films raise serious issues

Themes from the Dark Knight and Iron Man: Evil, goodness, crime, vigilantism, social order, chaos, capitalism, money, power, weapons, villians, heroes...

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