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Tuesday, December 2

3 blondes and a redhead

Got in 4 comics on the train ride to NY.
Hope you all are getting tickets to New York Comiccon-- it turns out I'll be doing a session during the professional time on "Creating a mini-con at your library (or in your community)". Can you dig it??

Air 4
The story continues with Blythe, bird snakes, wishing for Zayn. After issue 3, I nearly gave up on Air, but the story is imaginative and unusual enough by G. Willow Wilson to hang on. The art by MK Perker is vivid and expressive. I always want to support Vertigo titles, so I'll stay with Air. Enjoyed the bird naturalist cover this issue.

Buffy, Season 8, issue 19
Phillygirl and I admitted to not truly understanding Season 8, and what is going on, despite being huge Buffy fans. I think it was the delay and the time jump-- this issue with a future (bad) Willow and Buffy choices helped it gel better for me. Fray is spotlighted again.

Spider-Man loves Mary Jane 4
A cyber-bully website trashing Mary Jane appears, and MJ wonders who hates her so much. The writing continues to be cute, teenagey. I have to say the cross hatches on MJ's face in the interior this issue bugged me. It made her look wrinkly to me -not the look they want for a teenage MJ!

Jack of Fables
Simply the best dialogue in all of comics right now, Sturges and Willingham continue to hit the mark with the rogue Jack. Part of 1 of 5 involves a war at Golden Boughs, the Page sisters, Book Burner, Revise-- and Jack being their leader?

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