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Wednesday, December 17

Merry Infinite Canvas to you all

The end of the year is fast approaching. I've seen a few 'best of' lists, but 2008 seems like a downsizing year in my own comic buying (due to titles ending and disinterest in some)-- a lighter blog year for most of the indie blogs I've been following since 2005-- and def. lighter content on RF here.

But, I'm just as immersed in the graphic novel collection at the library as ever, buying floppy comics in a pile every few weeks, and reading Fables and other trades. Planning two big presentations for 2009, one at the NY comicon on "creating a mini con at your library" and for April's 2009 NJ Library Assoc. conference on "the best Graphic Novels of 2008" with my comic book mafia library team from last year.

Personally, my best includes
What it is - Lynda Barry
The New York Four- Brian Wood
Comic Book Tattoo
Dan Dare trade- Garth Ennis
Faker, The Un-Men, The Vinyl Underground (Vertigo trades)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all! Snuggle up with some comics for the winter. I'll post again come 2009....



At 5:56 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Yeah, not a year with too many highlights for me, re: comics, movies, whatevah. And I've been light on creating original content - too busy writing shite on librarianship for college. Must do better!


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