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Thursday, November 13

a few

Back to Brooklyn 2 CBR review
Garth Ennis, Jimmy Palmiotti and Mihailo Vukelic
CBR gives BtB a review of "mediocre", I'd say it's a little bit of a formula, but still different enough to warrant purchase.
Bob, Maggie Mahoney take refuge at their childhood store with great Egg Creams, while planning to take down his brother Paul, Paul the Wall. The characters are developing, although I had to flip a few times to figure out who was who. The art is the unique photo-realistic painting. B at the comic store even thinks Maggie looks like me (although I would not wear a red shirt tied in a knot, for sure).

Tiny Titans 9
The monkey issue! "Eventually, it happens to everyone in this universe"

Also read: Spider-Man loves Mary Jane 3
Terry Moore, Craig Rousseau
It's always nice to a see a cover where a girl isn't tied up or sexpotting.

To read pile: My Name is Bruce, The Boys 24, Justice Society 20, House of Mystery 7, Air 3, Rex Libris 13

Have a great weekend kids!

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