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Thursday, November 20

Green lady and blue beetle

The comic book titles keep getting the ax- She-Hulk, a favorite of mine I'll admit dropping post-Dan Slott, is on the chopping block for Feb 2009.

She-Hulk thread on CBR

Some blame Peter David's writing, some blame the art teams. Personally, her reinvention with Dan Slott, the humor and strength and interplay with the law firm got lost when she was shipped off as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and some other funky storylines. I guess it's been several years, because all the characters I enjoyed (Awesome Andy, more) are slipping my mind in a big way.

Blue Beetle, a fan favorite that never took with me, despite several tries, is also cancelled. I guess I'll just keep reading Matt Sturges in House of Mystery, a series so far hanging on at Vertigo.

Just as every other day there is a new closing as I drive around (a teacher store, a restaurant, a local store, a car dealership) goes all these comic series. I think the growth of the industry for graphic novels and comics is shrinking, especially through big name book stores orders, and hopefully will all bounce back.

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At 11:52 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Monthly comics look like less of a priority for all involved, especially the readership. The scales are tipping more towards trades all the time.


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