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Saturday, November 8

Pray for Birds

Birds of Prey #127 final of the series

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I've been a loyal reader and purchaser of Birds of Prey for several years now. Followed BoP from Gail Simone, until she left the title, and McKeever's short run, then to Tony Bedard on writing. Of course any title with Oracle as the lead interests me, but BoP was special for the female superhero teams. Giving attention to Black Canary for example propelled her into the JLA big leagues...with Huntress, Zinda, the new Misfit...Barda...the list of female characters I became familiar with because of Birds of Prey is quite long.

There is talk of relaunches for Birds, Robin and Nightwing- who knows with the bad publishing tales every day from the fruit bat economy we have. I can hope so. A girl needs to have her "girls night" title-- I like the men of DC, but it was always great to see a female team have great sales and reviews. I'll hope for a relaunch or Oracle playing a large role in another title at least.

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