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Monday, February 4

Jersey Giants

I thought the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl was quite the nail biter. I was leaning Giants-- Shoreturtle was rooting for Tom Brady's Patriots- but neither of us are diehard fans of these teams.

I'll never forget those guys swarming Eli and him getting away to still make a pass. And every time they showed Peyton in the booth cheering for his brother, that was great. You can't help love the underdog story and the little brother coming of age.

The only thing would have been to been to thank the state of New Jersey along with the city of New York. Most Giant fans are Jerseyans and the teams plays in the dang state!

The commercials were boring, at least not a sleazy as years past.

In my pile-- The UnMen, Wonder Woman, Mice Templar, Jack of Fables.

I said goodbye to Y. I just loved this series. I didn't adore the end, but it was appropriate.


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