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Thursday, December 14

#2 Mary Jane Watson Parker

Mary Jane Watson Parker,or MJ,currently married to Peter Parker, Spider-man, and lives in the Avengers tower with Aunt Mae Parker.
Gwen Stacy, Spidey's love interest. Fans loved Mary Jane from her first appearance, the famous scene where a very reluctant Peter gets set up with her. She turns around at his "That's Mary Jane!", and says "Face tiger, you hit the jackpot!"

Spider-Fan characters Mary Jane
Living a life so large, it had seemed as if she was insignificant. She's the motivation that keeps Spider-Man fighting and relentlessly driven to survive when the odds are against him

Marvel Directory Mary Jane

According to Stan Lee, Mary Jane was originally intended to be simply a rival for Gwen Stacy for the affections of Peter Parker. Lee had always intended for Gwen Stacy to be Spider-Man's one true love, but fans vocally supported the feisty Mary Jane over the non-offensive Gwen Stacy. The pairing of Mary Jane and Peter Parker has become one of the true classic romances of the comic medium and the couple are considered to be one of the superhero genre's most beloved "super-couples".

Since June 2004, I've been in love with the Spider-man loves Mary Jane series. MJ is the star, not yet the model/actress, but a high school girl trying to find herself and trying on different things-and boys- for size. Sean McKeever's teen angst and teen bliss writing with Mizayawa's manga yet American look of the Spider-Man family are a joy to hold. Many bloggers are interested to see David Hahn (Bite Club, Robin) when he begins doing art on the title.

I love Mary Jane for her flirty quips, can-do personality, and her devotion to Peter. Also, MJ is more complex than the party girl she seems; her troubled family background adds the element of a different outer persona than the inner one.
I really like the Spider-man movies. Kirsten's MJ in these films is more of a mix of MJ and Gwen- first love, girl next door more than the jaw-dropping MJ. Now that the redhead Bryce Howard will be the blonde Gwen, who knows where this will leave MJ in the films.

2-5% of United States popn has red hair


At 9:29 AM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

I bet I know who's #1. Haha!

Great list. This was a lot of fun!

At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy John Romita! MJ only number two?! *Gasp!*

At this point it is now bleedin' obvious who number one is, it's gotta be... (unseen assailant from stage left clamps hand over mouth)


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