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Sunday, December 11

She was an American Girl

Hatter M
Ben Templesmith's art on the new series, Hatter M, is has the modern graphic feel, of scratched artwork and blended colors. This comic is a spinoff from a book called the Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, which I am unfamiliar with, probably because it won't be released in the states until next year.

Hatter Madigan is the protector of Princess Alyss. When his magical hat goes missing, he chases it - and takes out anyone in his way. The writing and art mesh together, and the reviews seem to be very positive on this book, published through Image by Desparado.
"Men who deal in headwear are men to be trusted indeed."

HS Reunion CD
I just received my HS reunion CD. Great covers of songs from Say Anything, Pretty in Pink, Weird Science...all the 80s teen angst movies we love! I found myself driving and singing to Matthew Sweet's American Girl, the Dipsomaniacs A Million Miles, Lori McKenna's In Your Eyes. There are more tracks I didn't even get to, but this will be on high rotation in my car. Great mix of known indie artists and local musicians.


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