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Sunday, December 18

Santron has come to town

I liked all 3 stories in the Marvel Holiday Special.

Yes, Virginia there is a Santron! (Story, Jeff Parker)

A gifted young girl creates her own Santa that wants to wreak havoc on the Avengers Xmas party.."Merry Christmas to all...Except the Avengers, the Avengers must die!"

Spidey is late with his lovely redhead wife MJ waiting "Boy, is she going to read me the riot act!" But finds her surrounded by Capt. America, Iron Man, and Wolverine who offers "So when do you want me to kill Parker?"

There is also a remote controlled mistletoe, and a rousing Capt America speech about ideals, heroes, and life.

Moleman's Christmas (Story Shaenon Garrity)
Moleoids kidnap Santa's because the Moleman has disappeared, and they think Santa will lure him back. The Thing tries to find a way to stop the Moleoids without violence, and there are some funny exchanges..

Hulk "Hulk fight so many shrimpy weirdoes. They all blend together."
She-Hulk "That creep keeps abducting women and trying to force them to be his bride. 8 women ready to slap a class-action suit on his pimply rear end."

Christmas Day in Manhattan (Mike Carey)
This story has interesting pencils to give the feel of a victorian era Dickensesque story.
Adding to this element is the prose style of Carey's writing.

"Didn't expect much from Santa Claus, but just this once, he'd granted every wish they'd ever wanted. And we hope- in the very best sense- you get yours."


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