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Monday, December 12

Hulk is hungriest!

Thanks to B at Comic Relief for suggesting Kirkman's new Marvel Zombies. B got me going originally on The Walking Dead. We were discussing the Spidey/Invincible team up, and he mentioned that a zombified Spidey says, "I ate my wife-- my aunt! Why?! Why did I do that?"

I try to stay comic focused here, but I'll slip in a few other things that are currently on my radar:

New microsoft service launches on Thursday- Windows local live. Very clean maps, with zooming features, and no software like Google Earth. If you like maps and technology, try

For a fast thrilling read, try Creepers by David Morrell I was attracted to the Jersey shore element- urban explorers or "creepers" going into a long abandoned hotel in Asbury Park.

This week, the Amazing Race limps to its finale. The family season was not as interesting or dramatic as I expected. In other reality tv news, all it took was 5 mins of watching a new Project Runway, now it has a Tivo season pass. I like this show for what I like Project Greenlight for- how difficult the creation of something worthwhile can be under time and money and ego constraints. I read the bios of some of the designers, and it seems that designers with their own stores and lines aren't exactly the newbies I thought.


At 9:32 PM, Blogger Rae said...

I caught about 5 mins of Project Runway the other night, too. We didn't totally watch the first season, but it seemed like they're letting some of them play again? That's different. It seems I always like the complete opposite of the judges, sort of like the Oscars!!


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