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Thursday, December 15

Chicks, blood, werewolves, Texas

I was drawn to the cover art on Black Harvest. So I stole it from C's pile at Comic Lair. Don't get uppity, he let me take it! The story is Girls-ish in the barely clothed girl found on lonely road. No good deed goes unpunished though, when the local yocal police say 'you ain't got no rights boy, not after you took that poor girl'. I know you boys get hard up sometimes, but the moral of these stories are half-naked girls lead to big trouble. Don't take the chance, unless she's a redhead, then by all means.

Which leads me to the comic version of the gory Bloodrayne game I play on my Xbox. The artwork of B shifts within the story, so sometimes she seems animelike and sometimes hardedged; I don't know, I got hung up on the consistency. But there is a vampire vs. werewolf plot, always interesting. The establishing shot of the castle about to be invaded by hundreds of lycans, that was cool.

That's all I have energy for. There's an ice storm and I'm ill.


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