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Wednesday, November 9

Dawn of the knockers

Escape of the Living Dead (Avatar, Issue 1)
I've been feeling sick, so I haven't read comics. I have been sleeping and drinking lots of ginger ale. But a few days ago I read Escape of the Living Dead. I love horror, zombies, but was really disappointed in this. There could have been an interesting story about a research facility in 1971 Pennsylvania, and trying to kill zombies after a plague.

But the mom and daughter (recently divorced) have all the cliches- really low cut shirts, short shorts, riding horses, taking a shower- standard stuff. Except that during a zombie attack, I couldn't feel for the mom character because I kept following her boobs panel to panel. The women just seemed to provocatively posed, even for obvious fiction.
I think this comic could be called "Escape of the Living Melons" and be more appropriate.


At 6:50 AM, Blogger Polisci101 said...

Hey, I had a friend who was into a comicbook character Dawn of Venus, by Joseph Michael Lindsner, and I'm a chick, but I have to admit, she's pretty cool.

At first, with your title, that's what I thought you were referring to. Check her out, or his site if you can!

At 6:15 AM, Blogger Patt said...

i draw cartoons if u would like me to draw a super hero of u i will im doing nowt.


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