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Monday, September 19

Johnny Blaze and Strange Girl in hell

The latest 2 comics I've read are different, yet both meet on the same playing field of hell. Strange Girl 1, begins with a skatepunk young girl with uberreligious parents who demand she have daily family bible study...just as we feel sorry for the terrified Beth, the Rapture begins. Her parents are indeed called to heaven, and Beth is left to survive with hordes of demons and the nightmare of Lord Belial. Ten years later, Beth has grown up and survives the hell on Earth.

This is another Image comic I wanted to give a chance. I liked the edgy punk look of Beth. The artwork may be too 'harsh' for me...not in content but the sharp edges of the characters. Actually, my favorite part of the comic was Rick Remender described his inspiration for the series.

I also read the latest Ghost Rider. With the new movie coming out, there will be a lot of new Ghost Rider fans. The artwork was so detailed and the red and gold flames of hell were shockingly vivid. The story, however, left me a little uninspired, espite all the high points of a race out hell and an angel on Johnny Blaze's side.


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