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Monday, September 5

Bust and Men we love

While taking breaks on today's 12 mile bike ride, I read Bust Magazine (it's a great indie/feminist/shopaholic mag) because of the profile of Brian K. Vaughan in the "Men we love" issue. If his work on Y the Last Man, Ex Machina, and the Runaways wasn't enough, his quotes made me love him more...

"Brian K. Vaughan defines the stereotype of comic book writers as dateless dorks with little-to-no understanding of the female psyche. In fact...he isn't even afraid to use the F-word....'I do consider myself a feminist'"

"I started losing my hair about the same time I cashed my first check from Marvel. I think when you get into comic books you immediately lose your hair."

BUST Men we love

And a profile of Josh Homme, the yummy redhead from Queens of the Stone Age!


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