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Thursday, September 8

Dead ant, dead ant, deadant, deadant...

Reading ANT issue 1...keep singing this from that old joke in my head "dead ant, dead ant, deadant..." like the Pink Panther theme...

ANT 1. Image comics seems to be getting it all right recently, with Girls, Invincible. I love the Invincible doll inserted into this issue. I also love the Comic Con drawings of the Hotel Pennsylvania, where the Big Apple Con is held. The female character is drawn too extreme for me. I don't mind sexy, but her boobs are like watermelons! So while there are elements of the story I like, the women are too stipperlike for me.


At 1:09 PM, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

LOL! I've no interest in following Gully's fanboy-dream-come-true adventures, and the lameness of #2 confirmed that decision. I reviewed #1 here if you're interested.


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