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Wednesday, September 7

Tropic Transylvania SPF150

Since it bites that new comics come out tomorrow because of the holiday,
I'll write about ~Bite Club~

The Del Toros- fabulously wealthy outcasts in Miami, and by outcasts I mean vampires. But there are 300,000 vampires in Miami . Eduardo Del Toro is killed, and his three children make sense of his death and the family business. Risa-- well, she's a sexual predator, indie record label and deadly vamp. Eddie-- violent, proud, and trying to raise son Danny with a better life. This leaves Leto, America's first ordained vampiric priest, left the family business by Eduardo, and lusts after his sister Risa.

The stage is set for the story-- family, pride, sex, violence, betrayal, lesbians, vice cops and an alligator--Howard Chaykin and David Tischman's story here crackles and pops with David Hahns artwork sizzling like the Miami sun. Frank Quitely created 6 covers, all reproduced in the trade thankfully. I love the faux-advertisement look of the first three. Quitely has my eye since reading WE3.


At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

I've loved David Hahn's work since he was doing his own Private Beach, so of course I liked Bite Club. The smaller size that DC used for the collection works well and dI hope that they use it for more collections in the future.


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