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Friday, October 31

Trinity plus 19 equals the end

Happy Halloween superheroes! Batgirl is in the closet this year, but there's always next...

I think I gave it a very fair shot, buying 19 of the Trinity issues, but that's the end of the line for me. I give Busiek credit on the writing to focus on the big 3, and the questions of what their relationship means to each other (and us). But it was always more of a chore to get to them -- maybe because I got 3 or 4 at a clip. Bagley's art is great, real and not explotative also.

I did not like the 1/2 Trinity story up front and 1/2 second story. It really interrupted my flow of reading . So, I'll probably buy the trades for the library when they are available.

I'm finding myself more and more outside the Marvel and DC mainstream these days. My only Marvel purchase was Spider-Man loves Mary Jane 3, and DC I got Secret Six 2 and JLA.

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Thursday, October 30

The Preacher movie

Sam Mendes will direct a bigscreen adaptation of the supernatural graphic novel "Preacher" for Columbia Pictures.

HBO dropped the Preacher series. I thought a series version of the 75 comic Preacher made more sense, time to develop the many characters and subplots. Cassidy, Jesse and Tulip's backstories alone; it's hard to think how it can be compressed so much and still capture what makes Preacher so great. The raunch next to the philosophy; the sex next to religion; the gunplay next to the love.

But, Mendes did a great job with Road to Perdition, another graphic novel.


Wednesday, October 29

Actually, two days ago

Totally cribbed the image from shoreturtle, but two days ago we went to the county clerks office, got our election ballot, and then drove to another Trenton building to hand it in at the Elections Office. No waiting in what could be record lines in Jersey...


Monday, October 27

Ride with me, Robin?

I love Batgirl's persuasion here- "I have a sidecar with your own special insignia attached to my batbike!" That's a girl who can get what she wants!

Sadly, I've only read part of Secret Six 2 (The Cat vs. The Bat!)- but still have Criminal, Echo, Air3, and more in the pile. This is a very busy week, book discussion at work, So You Think you can dance show with phillygirl, and a Halloween scavenger hunt this Friday.


Thursday, October 23

Librarian stories

Two stories regarding librarians this week-

L passed this one on, Librarian fined $500 for praising daughter's illustrations
He's being punished for promoting his daughter's graphic novel on the job.
Macbeth- the Manga version- is the book his daughter co-illustrated. We own several of these classic manga titles at our library.

Gunman kills fellow librarian
A very tragic story in which a PT 62 year librarian kills 37 year Devin Zimmerman, a librarian and a professor at NE Lakeview College in Texas. This stemmed from a dispute over "work ethic".

Shoreturtle picked up my weeks of comics, so I'll have more to review soon. It has been a very busy week of programs, computer training, wireless malfunctions, and new TV installed for our movie series. I'm looking forward to hanging at home this weekend, and getting some things done. Have a good weekend!


Tuesday, October 21

head quarter??

Sunday, October 19

The Killing Joke reunion

Oracle goes to get rid of the police in Birds of Prey 122, only to have the Joker land on her door. We'll see where this showdown leads.

Getting back on track after being a bridesmaid this weekend, and doing all the fun things from the rehearsal dinner and the all day wedding festivities.

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Wednesday, October 15

Wonder Woman Day

Friend L sent this to me, linked by a non comic reader, but still important---

Tavie sez, "In honor of an event called 'Wonder Woman Day,' this website shows a gallery of depictions of Wonder Woman by a host of different artists. I dunno from Wonder Woman, really - I never watched the show or read the comic, and the sum total of my connection to that character is a hazy memory of some Wonder Woman underoos I was fond of as a tot. I clicked the link from, since Wendy Pini contributed a piece for the silent auction (it benefits domestic violence shelters) and, I gots to say, there's something sort of awesome about seeing so many different takes on the same character."

Great Hera! Wonder Woman Day 3
Flemington NJ event has MJCC friend Neil Vokes


Monday, October 13

Batgirl Adventures

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Thursday, October 9

Mystery, Birds, Brooklyn

Honestly, I've only read a few of last weeks stash pickup.

Birds of Prey #122
Joker and Oracle. The long shadow of the Killing Joke and Batgirls paralysis, and her transformation as Oracle, is brought to Barbara's door. Both redhead Misfit and of course redhead Oracle play their roles!

House of Mystery 6
Redhead pirate Ann Preston. The feared pirate Ann falls for a musician, then is betrayed...Illustrated by Tony Akins of Jack of Fables. The start of a new story arc for HoM.

Back to Brooklyn 1- Jimmy Palmiotti and Garth Ennis in a police/mafia storyline. The artist is a newcomer, and has an unusual style to it.

Bob Saetta made the biggest mistake of his life by pissing off his brother, one of the biggest and most brutal crime bosses in New York City. This is the story of two brothers at war, wrapped in a special package of extreme language and hardcore violence.

The weather is in the seventies and sunny here, and my mom is visiting, so we are off to enjoy it!

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Wednesday, October 8

Most overused cliche

The most overused cliche in news is "perfect storm"...For the last few years it comes up ALL the damn time...take note when you are listening to the news or read the paper or online. Analysts love to use it. Can we add this to "talk to the hand" and let it die?

Perfect Storm example from CNN today
(although I'd love this to come to be)

Monday, October 6

Free librarian passes at NYCC

The entire weekend pass is now $10- free Friday passes for librarians and other professionals.
New York Comicon February 6-9, 2009 (back to cold weather after the excellent days this year).

Saturday, October 4

KS Spidey (and redheads)

At Midtown Comics last week, I scored the King Size Spider-Man summer special. Colleen Coover's art is the star, with "Un-enchanted evening" the starter story, staring Mary Jane Watson. In fact, there are many redheads-- Hellcat, Marvel Girl, Scarlet Witch (with Medusa as "redundant. already have three redheads.".

Mary Jane's story begins with a night with models Millie and Patsy (Walker, as in Hellcat). Patsy goes through a portal and a team of female hero-types, with many redheads and She-Hulk, another female favorite of mine.

If you missed this summer special, there's also a Keith Giffen "Street Monsters" story and a "Paperboy Showdown" by Chris Giarrusso, also in the fun cute style that pits Spidey with Venom to deliver Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) paper.

Picked up 3 weeks, for $36 worth of comics. 3 Trinities, and assorted other titles.
Hope you are enjoying the start of fall-- I've been wearing sweaters myself.

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