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Friday, October 31

Trinity plus 19 equals the end

Happy Halloween superheroes! Batgirl is in the closet this year, but there's always next...

I think I gave it a very fair shot, buying 19 of the Trinity issues, but that's the end of the line for me. I give Busiek credit on the writing to focus on the big 3, and the questions of what their relationship means to each other (and us). But it was always more of a chore to get to them -- maybe because I got 3 or 4 at a clip. Bagley's art is great, real and not explotative also.

I did not like the 1/2 Trinity story up front and 1/2 second story. It really interrupted my flow of reading . So, I'll probably buy the trades for the library when they are available.

I'm finding myself more and more outside the Marvel and DC mainstream these days. My only Marvel purchase was Spider-Man loves Mary Jane 3, and DC I got Secret Six 2 and JLA.

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