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Thursday, October 23

Librarian stories

Two stories regarding librarians this week-

L passed this one on, Librarian fined $500 for praising daughter's illustrations
He's being punished for promoting his daughter's graphic novel on the job.
Macbeth- the Manga version- is the book his daughter co-illustrated. We own several of these classic manga titles at our library.

Gunman kills fellow librarian
A very tragic story in which a PT 62 year librarian kills 37 year Devin Zimmerman, a librarian and a professor at NE Lakeview College in Texas. This stemmed from a dispute over "work ethic".

Shoreturtle picked up my weeks of comics, so I'll have more to review soon. It has been a very busy week of programs, computer training, wireless malfunctions, and new TV installed for our movie series. I'm looking forward to hanging at home this weekend, and getting some things done. Have a good weekend!



At 1:25 AM, Blogger Mark said...

I have some lazy co-workers, too, but I've never considered shooting them.


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