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Wednesday, November 28

Wonder Simone

Friend R sent me this NYT article about our favorite redhead writer, Gail Simone!
Wonder Woman gets a new voice

I have to add, thanks to Shelly,
the winners of the Wonder Woman wardrobe war contest from Proejct Rooftop

Some awesome designs and illustrations for WW- even Gail comments on these!
Boots, pants, headbands, togas, and weapons...


Sunday, November 25

Inside the puppet head

The They Might Be Giants show was great. Opener Oppenheimer from Belfast (friends of L) were good, and PhillyGirl, Shoreturtle and RnR Librarian scored a great view from the front of the side bar. We've all been to many TMBG shows, and this show was a mix of old and new from The Else. There was actually a break, then back for set 2 with horns- really added to the mix. Many favorites played!

11/24/07 (Sat) The Fillmore at the Theatre Of Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA

Set 1: The Cap'm, Damn Good Times, Why Does the Sun Shine?, Take Out the Trash, Alphabet of Nations, Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head, I'm Impressed, Cyclops Rock, Meet James Ensor, It's Not My Birthday, Particle Man, The Famous Polka, Ana Ng, XTC Vs. Adam Ant, Older, The Mesopotamians

Set 2: Philadelphia, Mr. Me, With the Dark, Birdhouse In Your Soul, The Guitar, Withered Hope, In the Middle, Purple Toupee, Spy, Whistling in the Dark, Museum of Idiots, Doctor Worm, E: Maybe I Know, Istanbul

Torchwood Season 2 BBC America's biggest hit comes to us beginning January 26
With added James Marsters for Spike-y fun!

Promised Photos from the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY
Many Yankees and Tigers photos - see me with the sign that says "team of the century". Costumes from A League of Their Own. Tigers Jerseys. Anaheim Rally monkey. Me giving Bonds the thumbs down.

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Friday, November 23

Take me out

Happy post Turkey Day! Having a good time here in Cooperstown, NY with Shoreturtle. We are big baseball fans (me- Yankees, him- Tigers) so we made the trek to the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was a 5 hour sort of dull drive, at least no traffic. Cooperstown is very quaint- old homes, lake, and Main Street full of baseball cards, bats, balls, with some candy and food thrown in. It is cold- real feel of 8 right now. We saw Santa arrive tonight on his horsedrawn carriage.

The Hall of Fame was great-- hours of looking at old equipment and photos-- of course many Yankee greats from Babe Ruth, Mantle, Dimaggio, Berra to modern Jeter, Rivera. The only drag was the many Boston fans here to see their sad 6th World Series win display. 26 World Championships for the Yankees! Shirt of the day "Guess it wasn't a curse, Boston just sucked".
Will share some great photos soon.

The Inn does not have TVs in room, so we watched the last two Torchwoods on the laptop, and Planet Terror.

I also read an indie comic called Guitar Solo I bought at Jim Hanleys. And The Sword 1 and 2- The Luna Brothers latest. I really love their style and stories, and the story of the paraplegic art student Dara and a lost powerful sword has captured me again.

Driving home tomorrow and going to see They Might Be Giants in Philly!

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Sunday, November 18

crass everyday activities

Batgirl - Detective Comics #359, Carmine Infantino - pencils

Favorite Book Covers of 2007
If you are interested in books, or graphic design, check out this list of some of the beautiful covers from this year.

Australian TV show "The Librarians"
MOST people think of libraries as places full of dusty, unreadable tomes, nerdy types and ... well, silence. There is certainly nothing funny about libraries, is there? However, a darkly witty new ABC comedy, The Librarians, is set to dispel this myth.
Well, there is dust, some unreadable tomes, and nerdy types, staff and patrons-- but there is a flip side that would be good to see in a humorous way. I can't imagine what the American version of this would be-- oh yes, like "Stacked" with Pamela Anderson--

Alan Moore on The Simpsons tonight.

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Thursday, November 15

Mundane world of the library

Batgirl - Detective Comics #359, Carmine Infantino - pencils

Uh huh! Got my free professional badge number for April's New York Comicon! And the Friday has 6 hours of trade show for just dealers, pros, and librarians! Of course, most of the artists and big name guests are never there, but it is a great time to visit tables that are swamp city later.

Just saw that the Luna Brothers have a new project. I really loved Girls and Ultra, so this is a must for me to pick up.

Recent reads-

Justice Society of America (another Superman? What does he want?)
Buffy (Faith v. Buffy and wacked out rich girl Gigi)
Y the Last Man 59 (the ends are coming together. and Yorick seems calm.)

Still have The Vinyl Underground 2 and the Infinite Halloween Special.

It doesn't seem like a festive holiday season (yet?). I think money and mortgage and endless war has made all of us tense and not hopeful during these last few years. Gas costs might go to record levels by Thxgiving-- but I am happy to go to Cooperstown, NY for Thanksgiving, and finally visit the Hall of Fame even with an expensive drive!

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Monday, November 12


Writer's Strike
You might want to visit Fans4writers
I completely support the writer's strike-- the studios and producers all reap the rewards that stem from the written word interpreted by actors. Comic friends Joss Whedon and Brian K. Vaughan and Carlton Cuse have supported the strike.

I am not happy with Ellen for continuing her show. Word is she has never been writer friendly.
WGA line:
We find it sad that Ellen spent an entire week crying and fighting for a dog that she gave away, yet she couldn't even stand by writers for more than one day - writers who have helped make her extremely successful.

Four new Heroes
Eight new Lost

I have dropped watching Grey's Anatomy. The scene where Meredith pours her mother's ashes in the surgery sink with the Chief looking on just killed it for me. I liked Gizzie more than most. Strangely, I'm sticking watching Private Practice.

This weekend we watched Transformers. Overall, I thought it was lousy. The girl was ridiculous in her mini mini skirt and 4 inch top-- oh, and she knows all about car engines! Sure. The effects were good, and Shia for the role, but some of the dialogue was fondue cheese.

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Saturday, November 10

Kong, Rosalita, Sweet Jane

Kong King of Skull Island
Friend Chuck Satterlee (remember he made me a zombie in Of Bitter Souls?) has a new project in Kong King of Skull Island. The story begins with Carl Denham heading back to Skull Island in 1957-- 25 years after King Kong's fall in NY. The artwork link on the home page shows some incredible images of Kong's expressions and other fantastical creatures. The colors are very vivid and deep. I also like the New York building scenes.
Issue 0 is only $1.99. Plans to be a five issue mini series.

Went to a great CD release party last night with Shoreturtle, Phillygirl, and friend L came from Arlington! The CD is About a Girl. Every one of the six bands played only songs with girl's names-- Alison's starting to happen, Lay Down Sally, Gloria, etc. The CD is 21 songs from some local bands like The Dipsomaniacs, Taggert, The Successful Failures, The Rigbees and Grammar Debate, all of which put on great sets last night. And a portion of the proceeds support PA Breast Cancer Coalition. Check out the preview songs on the myspace page.

1. Queen Jane Approximately – Maybe Pete – Bob Dylan
2. Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) – Late Night Television – The Looking Glass
3. Alison – The Commons – Elvis Costello
4. Something Happened to Catherine – Dipsomaniacs – Material Issue
5. Gabrielle – The Frantic – The Nips/ Shane MacGowan
6. Victoria – Milton and the Devils Party - The Kinks
7. She Sheila – Bastards of Melody – The Producers
8. Stephanie Says – Grammar Debate! – The Velvet Underground
9. Cinderella – Jukebox Zeros – The Sonics
10. Whole Lotta Rosie – Beretta 76 - ACDC
11. Julia – Trolleyvox – The Beatles
12. Rosalita – The Rigbees – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
13. Walk Away Renee – Somerdale – The Left Banke
14. Elenore – Blank Pages – The Turtles
15. Anna – Creeping Weeds – Arthur Alexander
16. Clara Clairvoyant - Timothy Bracken Complex - Donovan
17. Mary Mary – The Support Group – The Monkees
18. O Dana – The Successful Failures – Big Star
19. Suzanne – Taggart - Weezer
20. Wendy – Speedway – The Beach Boys
21. April She Will Come – The Swivel Chairs - Simon and Garfunkel

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Monday, November 5

Support Vertigo titles!

I'm a huge fan of the Vertigo line of titles. I see that the sales figures for most of the titles are around 8-10,000. A title like Y the Last Man or Fables has a loyal audience, so their sales are higher. It's hard to get a non-supe title off the ground. I see that Testament was cancelled - while I was not as wild for it as others, I read the first trade and appreciated the depth of Rushkoff's writing and the art and color. American Virgin was cancelled- loved Becky Cloonan's art on this, but after giving it about 10 issues the story lost me. The Exterminators sales place it on the bubble. I wanted to highlight a new Vertigo title to support:

The Vinyl Underground sneak peak

The Vinyl Underground 2 this week!

In this fast-paced, ultra-cool ongoing crime-noir series, an unlikely quartet of occult detectives secretly solve crimes — from DJ crack bars in Camden to the elegant, high-society ballrooms that make up modern London.

It's London and occult crimes and forensics and party boys..issue 1 introduced us to the characters led by Morrison Shepard, solving crimes and redeeming himself from a drug-fueled party life. I like it, with the exception of the hot blonde, who is a brilliant forensic scientist-- but oh, she also runs a slut-virgin site. I'm sorry, but in real life the strippers and porn stars do not have high intellectual real life jobs. I hate that pretense.

Give it a try!

Who is watching Torchwood? Phillygirl loaned us the whole series from a Welsh friend of hers; but BBC America is still ahead of what I've seen. Captain Jack Harkness is just it- the performance and charisma. It makes me want to go to Wales.

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Thursday, November 1


If you are in Central Jersey (Bordentown) this Saturday, R has his Pulp Adventurecon show.
The cover art, pulps, and movie posters make it worthwhile!

NYComicon announces first guests
Mike Mignola and Alex Ross will be Guests of Honor and will be joined by several Featured Guests including Neal Adams, Kyle Baker, Amanda Conner, Dean Haspiel, Robert Napton, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Paola Rivera.

Smurfs DVD season 1
Smurf the whole day long!

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