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Saturday, November 10

Kong, Rosalita, Sweet Jane

Kong King of Skull Island
Friend Chuck Satterlee (remember he made me a zombie in Of Bitter Souls?) has a new project in Kong King of Skull Island. The story begins with Carl Denham heading back to Skull Island in 1957-- 25 years after King Kong's fall in NY. The artwork link on the home page shows some incredible images of Kong's expressions and other fantastical creatures. The colors are very vivid and deep. I also like the New York building scenes.
Issue 0 is only $1.99. Plans to be a five issue mini series.

Went to a great CD release party last night with Shoreturtle, Phillygirl, and friend L came from Arlington! The CD is About a Girl. Every one of the six bands played only songs with girl's names-- Alison's starting to happen, Lay Down Sally, Gloria, etc. The CD is 21 songs from some local bands like The Dipsomaniacs, Taggert, The Successful Failures, The Rigbees and Grammar Debate, all of which put on great sets last night. And a portion of the proceeds support PA Breast Cancer Coalition. Check out the preview songs on the myspace page.

1. Queen Jane Approximately – Maybe Pete – Bob Dylan
2. Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) – Late Night Television – The Looking Glass
3. Alison – The Commons – Elvis Costello
4. Something Happened to Catherine – Dipsomaniacs – Material Issue
5. Gabrielle – The Frantic – The Nips/ Shane MacGowan
6. Victoria – Milton and the Devils Party - The Kinks
7. She Sheila – Bastards of Melody – The Producers
8. Stephanie Says – Grammar Debate! – The Velvet Underground
9. Cinderella – Jukebox Zeros – The Sonics
10. Whole Lotta Rosie – Beretta 76 - ACDC
11. Julia – Trolleyvox – The Beatles
12. Rosalita – The Rigbees – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
13. Walk Away Renee – Somerdale – The Left Banke
14. Elenore – Blank Pages – The Turtles
15. Anna – Creeping Weeds – Arthur Alexander
16. Clara Clairvoyant - Timothy Bracken Complex - Donovan
17. Mary Mary – The Support Group – The Monkees
18. O Dana – The Successful Failures – Big Star
19. Suzanne – Taggart - Weezer
20. Wendy – Speedway – The Beach Boys
21. April She Will Come – The Swivel Chairs - Simon and Garfunkel

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At 6:12 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Cool... where was the concert? Haven't been to Philly for a concert in about a year. Would love to see Swivel Chairs again after all these years. ROCK ON!


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