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Monday, November 12


Writer's Strike
You might want to visit Fans4writers
I completely support the writer's strike-- the studios and producers all reap the rewards that stem from the written word interpreted by actors. Comic friends Joss Whedon and Brian K. Vaughan and Carlton Cuse have supported the strike.

I am not happy with Ellen for continuing her show. Word is she has never been writer friendly.
WGA line:
We find it sad that Ellen spent an entire week crying and fighting for a dog that she gave away, yet she couldn't even stand by writers for more than one day - writers who have helped make her extremely successful.

Four new Heroes
Eight new Lost

I have dropped watching Grey's Anatomy. The scene where Meredith pours her mother's ashes in the surgery sink with the Chief looking on just killed it for me. I liked Gizzie more than most. Strangely, I'm sticking watching Private Practice.

This weekend we watched Transformers. Overall, I thought it was lousy. The girl was ridiculous in her mini mini skirt and 4 inch top-- oh, and she knows all about car engines! Sure. The effects were good, and Shia for the role, but some of the dialogue was fondue cheese.

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At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Redhead Fangirl's #1 Fan said...

Oh Fangirl, I must disagree on two points. First, don't be so down on Ellen. You can't believe everything you read. Second, Grey's is still good. You gave up too soon. Dr Hahn is shaking things up, and the old Dr Bailey is back.

At 6:42 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

The whole Ellen-thing is pretty annoying to me,too.

I planned on trying to skip over Transformers anyway but the more and more bloggers I read echoing your sentiments,I will definitely avoid it.

At 10:04 AM, Blogger For My Amusement Alone said...

Hey, fanny-sue-girl.
Re: The Writer's strike: have you seen this yet?

I think it's worth ... one BEEEELLION dollars. And, paradoxically, nothing.


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