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Sunday, September 23

cardboard boxes.

Packing and more packing. Up to episode 11 of Flight of the Conchords before the HBO freebie goes away. Finished Jane Eyre today- clearly ahead of her time with questions of self and independence and marriage and class.

Phillygirl should be happy that The Middleman was optioned for a TV show. If you haven't read the story of the spunky redhead artist and her involvement in a secret spy agency, go find it now!

Finally read some comics-
Buffy Season 8, issue 6
Brian K. Vaughan comic and dramatic voice comes to the Buffy series-- with Faith at the center of the story. I loved hearing Faith's tough girl quotes, and her dialogue with Giles. With 2000 slayers in the world, Gigi is a rich and protected slayer with a Warlock coaching her. Can Faith fake her way into society to get a chance to take her out??

The Boys issue 10
Raunchy as usual, but I haven't been laughing quite as much. The Boys are headed to Russia next, so maybe this storyline will grab me again.

Justice League wedding special
Ollies bachelor party, the league of injustice, the girls dancing on the town. I hated the butt shot cover of Wonder Woman. Otherwise, a workable issue with some villian and good guy fights...

And the last Y had a major development for one character right? These last issues have been so spread out, but the end is 2 issues away. I'm not sure how I feel about that Disturbia boy being Yorick for the film-- at least he seems intelligent.

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At 8:29 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Best of luck with your move tomorrow!

Holiday Party at the new Mann residence in a couple months??

Rock on!


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