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Wednesday, August 15

Superheroes and criminals

Black Canary 2
Tony Bedard, Paulo Siqueria
"We need a figurehead without the baggage of Talia and Cassandra. The next Lady Shiva will do nicely"- Merlyn.
I am enjoying the new Black Canary series, mostly because I followed the storyline develop out of Birds of Prey,and watching her rescue Sin from becoming an assassin into becoming her daughter. Ollie and Dinah deal with his proposal and her ex had been written well by Bedard alo. Have issue 3 sitting in my pile.

Criminal 8 Lawless part 3
"After all the years he'd tried to be anything but his father, was there some piece of that bastard in him anyway?"
Brubaker and Phillips continue to ring my bell with this crime noir series.
Tracy and Mallory get involved, and guys looking for him turns into a street gun battle. Plus, the last page has a redhead in a library! The team from Sleeper is elevating their work again!

Justice League of America 11
Buried alive
"She's not on the team for the totem-- or her animal powers..She's on the team because she'll fight."
Gene Ha's art really makes you connected to the collapsing building with Mari and Roy trapped within. Horizontal panels make you feel like the twisted metal and beams are bearing down on them.

Also read The Boys 9, Dynamo 5 6, Catwoman 69 and DMZ 22 Friendly Fire 5 of 5.

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At 6:15 PM, Blogger inkdestroyedmybrush said...

criminal is simply bad ass crime fiction in a comic wrapper.

Great great stuff!


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