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Tuesday, August 28

Oceans of angels, oceans of stars

My favorite pic from California.


Friday, August 24

Movin right along...

Head blowing up with the thousands of moving tasks. Oh, both selling a house and buying a house! In less than 30 days! There is way more than just packing involved. Morgage, lawyers, agents, inspections, paperwork. To get this new house it should be all worth it. Inground pool! Central air! Family room! Great neighborhood.

Posting will be very light. Comic reading will not exist.

Friend B sent some interesting redhead comic posts to me:
New Batgirl figure (too pricey for me to buy)

" the latest issue of x-men first class had a backup story where marvel girl and the scarlet witch have a girls-day out. Two red-heads, one cool backup story."

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Monday, August 20

fall teevee

Fall TV news--
It's weird not to have Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars coming back this fall.
EW Which new series have you buzzing?
(maybe Bionic Woman, Journeyman)

Kristin Bell, Veronica Mars, joins Heroes
I know I read that she was joining the Lost cast, but now chose to join the ever expanding Heroes cast instead.

More Heroes casting

Lost casting

Nathan Fillion on Desperate Housewives

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Saturday, August 18

freaks in society

I recommend...The UnMen 1, drawn by friend of MidJersey Comicon Mike Hawthorne. Created and genetic freaks in a town called Aberrance, a reality TV show to come, government coverups...

Since going to the Dodgers game, I've read Alyssa Milano's mlblog.. I was never a big fan of hers, but love her enthusiasm for baseball. If you need to buy for a female baseball fan, check out her women's TOUCH line.

I just bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I had stopped reading Half-Blood Prince because I heard the spoilers, but have so far managed to avoid any big reveals on #7.

I'm also reading CrazyBusy for the work book discussion. His main advice is that you have to decide what is important in your life, and try to cut out the 'leeches' that waste your time and attention. There's a lot of funny vocabulary, like gigaguilt and taildogging to describe our faster and data filled world.

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Wednesday, August 15

Superheroes and criminals

Black Canary 2
Tony Bedard, Paulo Siqueria
"We need a figurehead without the baggage of Talia and Cassandra. The next Lady Shiva will do nicely"- Merlyn.
I am enjoying the new Black Canary series, mostly because I followed the storyline develop out of Birds of Prey,and watching her rescue Sin from becoming an assassin into becoming her daughter. Ollie and Dinah deal with his proposal and her ex had been written well by Bedard alo. Have issue 3 sitting in my pile.

Criminal 8 Lawless part 3
"After all the years he'd tried to be anything but his father, was there some piece of that bastard in him anyway?"
Brubaker and Phillips continue to ring my bell with this crime noir series.
Tracy and Mallory get involved, and guys looking for him turns into a street gun battle. Plus, the last page has a redhead in a library! The team from Sleeper is elevating their work again!

Justice League of America 11
Buried alive
"She's not on the team for the totem-- or her animal powers..She's on the team because she'll fight."
Gene Ha's art really makes you connected to the collapsing building with Mari and Roy trapped within. Horizontal panels make you feel like the twisted metal and beams are bearing down on them.

Also read The Boys 9, Dynamo 5 6, Catwoman 69 and DMZ 22 Friendly Fire 5 of 5.

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Monday, August 13

Wonder Woman charity event

A great event to come this October, if you are anywhere in Jersey/PA/Delaware to take part!
Wonder Woman Day Charity Event
OCTOBER 28, 2007

The official Wonder Woman Museum started celebrating Wonder Woman's history and contributions to our pop culture in grandiose style in 2006. Well this year, some WW fans would like to launch a NJ version of the event!

Comic Fusion in Flemington will be sponsoring our gathering and proceeds will benefit a local women's charity. (more details to come).


Friday, August 10

Hollywood 2

I was a late fan to Gilmore Girls, but became a big fan the last few seasons. Stars Hollow's gazebo is here (this is also the Smallville Iowa town). The guide told us that since there are real trees, one time every leaf had to be picked for a scene, then someone had to add all the branches and leaves back for a fall scene. John Schneider, filmed here as Luke Duke and Jonathan Kent, so he got married in this gazebo.

A very empty Luke's Diner from Gilmore Girls.

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Thursday, August 9

Hollywood 1

Here I am at Warner Brothers, with Robert Gossett (1st cousin of Louis) - Commander Taylor on The Closer.

At the Central Perk set from Friends. I learned the coffeemaker works for real, so Gunther, the extra, ended up with a part because he was the only extra who knew how to work the machine!

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Tuesday, August 7

Birds and Bats

Slowly getting back to reading my comics. I think Dave at YACB blogged about the lackluster year for comics- there have been series I've continued to enjoy, but nothing knock my socks off in 2007.

Finally read the last Gail Simone Birds of Prey 108 (Swan Song). I have to say it was very touching with the cape friends coming as backup, Oracle's fight with the Spy Smasher - even in a wheelchair she summons Batgirl!- and the final scene with Misfit left me choked up. I'll miss Gail's writing and wit on BoP. I'll read her new Wonder Woman, but she's not the touchstone character for me that she is for others. I did have the WW underoos though.

I read much less of the Showcase Batgirl than I thought on the plane or beach- but the 3 stories I did were just a hoot! Just reached one where Supergirl and Batgirl team up to take away Superman and Batman's powers...just funny. Yes, the cover is stupid, and a lot of the dialogue is the pulp-y "dare-doll" stuff, but I like it.

Continuing the Batgirl theme here, Jim Lee's Batgirl in Batman and Robin 6 is really adorable. She's Barbara Gordon at 15, and while her 1/2 inch sliver of a mask won't hide anyone's identity, it's a cute part of the story. Black Canary has a part too, and the fishnets and bustier are a bit too revealing, it is BC. Jimmie Olson and Vicki Vale (that's 3 redheads in the book!) had a few pages too- although Vicki's part was entirely to take off her hospital gown. Does anyone get distracted by Frank Miller's capitalization? Ex.: "It's been the kind of night DREAMS are made of." or "on my way to the DOCKS.."

I will post Cali pics later - they are at home.

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Friday, August 3

Closer and J Jonah Jamison

Back from the long return trip from Cali and trying to adjust to east coast time. I have a lot of comic related photos to share soon! I saw the Courthouse from the Adam West Batman series, Peter Parker's High School, more Batmobile and Batcycle photos.

One of the highlights was watching The Closer being filmed. Here is my photo of JK Simmons, who plays Pope on the show. Most of you know him as the most excellent J Jonah Jamison in the Spidey films. I called out to him that "we love him as Pope" (since that's what they were filming). In his official sounding voice, he said "Thank you ma'am". I was about 20 feet from him. Kyra Sedwick was there, but she was interrupted so I didn't want to bother her. I will show a picture of me and Robert Gossett, who is Captain Taylor on the show.

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Thursday, August 2

Santa monica

Wednesday, August 1

In n out