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Friday, August 3

Closer and J Jonah Jamison

Back from the long return trip from Cali and trying to adjust to east coast time. I have a lot of comic related photos to share soon! I saw the Courthouse from the Adam West Batman series, Peter Parker's High School, more Batmobile and Batcycle photos.

One of the highlights was watching The Closer being filmed. Here is my photo of JK Simmons, who plays Pope on the show. Most of you know him as the most excellent J Jonah Jamison in the Spidey films. I called out to him that "we love him as Pope" (since that's what they were filming). In his official sounding voice, he said "Thank you ma'am". I was about 20 feet from him. Kyra Sedwick was there, but she was interrupted so I didn't want to bother her. I will show a picture of me and Robert Gossett, who is Captain Taylor on the show.

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