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Wednesday, December 28


2 times the Luna Brothers this week!

Spiderwoman Origin (Bendis, Reed, Luna Bros)
The Doctors Drew, funded by a military slush fund, have created a whammy DNA compiler. It can access subjects exact DNA and work on it in real time. As scientific experiments always go in comics, a freak accident lasers Miriam, pregnant with Jessica.
The years go by, the lab shuts down, the father is brooding over his life's work failure-- but wait! Jessica has abnormal DNA! It matches that poisonous spider! The parents struggle over her, dad gets zapped, and Jessica wakes up as a naked adult with the General who paid for the project there.
The Luna Bros have such a distinct style, and being a fan of Girls, when Jess emerges as yet another naked girl (blonde this time), it felt too similar. But stick with what works best, right?

Girls 8

What’s the worst thing you could ever tell a woman? Ethan learns another hard lesson.

...I think its telling his ex, who he still loves, that he slept with a random naked girl that created eggs of other psychopathic girls, a monster sperm, and an invisible wall around the town..

This comic continues to have great cliffhangers each issue, and the character development and humor hooks me. Ethan is just about to talk to his ex after she says "Well, if you want to talk, you know I'm a good listener" "Why, because of the bartending?" "No, because I lived with your whiny butt" Ethan has a great meltdown on why he slept with her-- "because I was horny! and she was so gorgeous..and soft.."


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