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Friday, April 3

The end of the beginning

Birds of Prey 127

While I haven't had the enthusiasm for the Birds of Prey series, even at the end of Gail Simone's run, I'm still sad to see the story end. All female supes, led by the brilliant and beautiful Oracle, it was sassy and sweet about friendship and evil and good and teamwork. From Huntress to Zinda, to Black Canary..the women were hot as per usual in comics, but at least used training and their brains too. And adding new female characters - Infinity, Judomaster, Manhunter- gave those DC girls much more exposure across the DCU.

I can't buy into the Calculator as a grand villian, despite the last issue of robot-tech-gone wild.
But Oracle saying goodbye to Charlie-Misfit - was touching. We'll see how that Oracle:The Cure miniseries is.

It almost made spit though to see the Chris Brown (abuser) milk ad in this issue of strong females. The irony! I know it was pre-Rihanna beating, but I didn't care about him before, and now don't want to see his mug at all.



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