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Monday, March 16


The best lines from my recent comic stack- at least according to my own sense of humor or intellect:

Air 6:
"In 1937, I was chosen from among the ninety nines for the most ambitious flight in history: circumnavigating the globe in a hyperprax aircraft" - Amelia Earhart

Fringe 2:
"They just showed us a billion-dollar teleportation machine. What else could they be possibly hiding?"

House of Mystery 10:
"Poet, look at me. Get the goddamn bundt pan!"

Buffy VS 22:
"Vampires aren't cute and fluffy! And a kitty cat? Come on!"

Birds of Prey 126:
"I mean, maybe it is an "evil internet".."

Jack of Fables 30
"What do we do now? Everybody read for your lives!"



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