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Saturday, March 28

Battle for the Cowl

I've been on the outside of the DCU, having given up Trinity and not having read Final Crisis, or Batman R.I.P. But I decided to give "Battle for the Cowl" #1 a chance. Cover art shows Nightwing, Batwoman, Oracle, so at least it involves DCU characters I like. All the villians are mentioned or shown also- Poison Ivy, Joker, Black Mask, Riddler, Penguin.

But, I feel like the "world without___" has been beat down in the DCU. Back to 52 (a year without Supes, Batman, WWoman) until now-- is Didio trying to warn us that if DC Comics went under what we'd miss? That's a cynical and depressing take on our heroes.

Anyway, I will read issue 2 based on my interest from BftCowl.
Issue 2 on sale April 8th.



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