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Saturday, January 24

getting ready for the long con

Checking the NY Comiccon updates all the time. Just two weekends to the big dance! Phillygirl and I are getting in Thursday night, ready to hit the pro floor Fri morning. Need to find my sketchbook to take, and comics for artists and writers to sign...and get some cash together to buy geeky trinkets and shirts and stuff!

Recently read comics:
Back to Brooklyn 3, Air 5, The Sword 14, Buffy 20, House of Mystery 9.

What if Spider-man Back in Black (Mary Jane on cover), Secret Sic 5, Buffy 21, JSA 22 and The Boys 26.



At 10:40 AM, Blogger inkdestroyedmybrush said...

oddly enough, I was taken back to the movie "The Grifters" and "House of Games" by your post title! Strange associations, and yet, given the amount of time that grown men try to separate other grown men from their cash by discussing chipped corners, paper whiteness and staple position, perhaps discussing Con Men is not inappropriate.


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