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Wednesday, August 13

Two Moore and more

Read two Terry Moore titles-

Spider-Man loves Mary Jane #1 returns with Terry Moore at the helm. It's an artist (Craig Rousseau) and writer change, so it might take some time to adjust. MJ is now a sophomore, still friends with Peter Parker and Liz, and in drama.

Echo - Do you want a character driven story? Pristine black and white art? Government conspiracy and the girl on the run story? Please check out the Echo story line. I believe a trade will be coming soon if you haven't bought the floppies. Let's support more than just space war cross overs.
Echo #5 review

Trinity 9 and 10
More of the Trinity puzzle is revealed, and the Crime Syndicate appears. I did enjoy the Oracle and Nightwing interchanges.

I've been sleeping a lot because I've been fighting sinuses, and watching some Olympics. Plus, lots of preparing for this Saturday's MidJersey Comicon! We have a full house of dealers, indie creators, professional creators, Star Wars fan force, door if we just get some people in the doors all will be happy!

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I shall check them out :) You always have great reviews!


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