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Thursday, October 18

the Templar

Disappointed with the Heroes writers for the dialogue with Claire. After giving her excuse of going to the library, she said she was writing a paper on "libraries being obsolete in the digital age"." Argh. All our hard work to still promote libraries and our services, comes down to that old nonsense. And that you can google all the answers.

The art in Mice Templar is just awesome. Mike Oeming takes his unique style and applies it to a mythological story written by Brian Glass. I met Brian briefly, and he is a friendly and interesting guy. The story is dense, so it takes some concentration, but these gorgeous pinups should win you over.
#2 - 32 PAGES, FC, OCTOBER 10 - $2.99

Thanks L for the link to Girl Power at Big Monkey Comics! (blogger Scipio's store)

New Yorker festival's panel on superheroes
..Mike Mignola's recounting of the origins of Hellboy), to Grant Morrison's vision of his superhero stories as "stories about what it is to be human, but on a cosmic scale," to Lethem's re-imagining of the 1970s Marvel comic Omega the Unknown

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