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Sunday, October 21

with Mad-Dog and Hellstrom as exes

Season 3 of Veronica Mars was such a disappointment, and then the series got cancelled. If you are like me, the first two seasons were funny, suspenseful, and had at least 6 characters you cared about (Veronica, Logan, Dad, Wallace, Weevil, Mac) plus the excellent supporting cast of Logan's wicked actor dad (Harry Hamilin) and the Casablanca family. Season 3's move to Hearst College, the nonromance with Piz, and missing Wallace and Weevil in most episodes, with some lamer mysteries...I was glad it was cancelled.
But the DVD extras for VM Season 3 sound great.

B at Comic Relief got me to buy some recent comics featuring Hellcat. I guess he feels I should be familiar with another redhead, blue eyed comic character. I am completely unfamiliar with the Avengers/Defenders/Thunderbolts. This is my favorite part of her Marvel profile:
Pasty remained despondent and depressed due to her perceived failures in life and time spent in Hell. She nevertheless presented a good front, wrote an autobiography and began a book tour.

The Wolverine movie now has a title
"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" slashes its way into theaters May 1, 2009!

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At 4:55 PM, Blogger pitdroid said...

I knew you'd like hellcat. You know her character is taken from a series of old marvel comics that weren't action comics, but rather all girl comics in the vein or betty or veronica.


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