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Saturday, October 27

CBL lives!

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I watched Carrie last night on TV. Tonight I am dressing as Carrie and going out with PhillyGirl and Shoreturtle for Halloween to a big club where the main costume is Slutty ____ (Cop, Nurse, etc). But then there are creative and decent costumes.

I noticed these things in Carrie, being America in the 70s, that would NEVER happen today-
  • The gym teacher was smoking in the principal's office.
  • He had an ashtray on his desk.
  • Travolta and friends were drinking beers in their cars (he did try to hide that from the cop)
  • Some prom dresses had long sleeves and a high collar (now 3 napkins are the avg. prom dress fabric)
  • Tommy wore a tux with blue ruffles
  • They mentioned you could get a tux for $10
  • Tommy drove a red truck, but then drove his parents car to pick her up. Now every kid has their own new car at 17 (driving age in Jersey) and never has to borrow the car keys.
  • Carrie was using the card catalog (although she was in 231s, religion, and telekinesis is in the 100s)

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At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Robin said...

Another thing that wouldn't happen is that the gym teacher slapped the student (the bad girl). Teachers can't touch students these days, or they get sued, and fired. I forgot that John Travolta and Amy Irving (Spielberg's ex-wife) were in this... I dig those knee high white socks.

At 7:06 AM, Blogger RedheadFangirl said...

So right- meant to put that in! She slapped Carrie, Chris, and then even choked Chris. And boy she deserved it...


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