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Sunday, March 25

About the Comicon...

A really good response to yesterday's show from guests and dealers and even the public! Because of many additional expenses, the only downer is we barely broke even financially. There were even two other librarians- a great library director and an archivist who had a table selling original art.
It was organized, good, nice door prizes...and now I have a lot of post things to do, but it's nice to put it to bed. Michael Golden was a great special guest, and it was fun to see even the professionals happy to see him there. He'll be next at the Emerald City Con this weekend.
Thanks to staff PhillyGirl, Shoreturtle and JohnO!

Wanna see photos of: a Stormtrooper, artists, writers, fans, Variant Edition interviews, door prize winners, and me reading Gumby 3D!
MidJersey Comicon 2007 photos

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At 12:46 PM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

Much fun was had by all! A very sucessful con.


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