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Saturday, March 17

Irish Rover

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the redhead! After digging out of the ice and snow, I hope to have a pint or two. Here are two images from a comic in Gaelic I got at Forbidden Planet Dublin.

Cló Mhaigh Eo is a publisher of books in Irish for children and young people as well as a series of acclaimed Irish graphic novels. The company is based in Claremorris, County Mayo in the West of Ireland.

Of interest to me:
I've always loved Aquaman. I was buying the previous Aquaman, then came on board to Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis. The last few issues with villian "The Fisherman" was just confusing. The Comic Treadmill sums up the latest abandonment

An Aquaman run by a new creative team that abruptly changed directions and promised to bring new vitality to a title that has floundered for direction for years launched to great fanfare and potential and has been just as abruptly abandoned by the creative team for a new team that will likely abruptly change directions and promise to bring new vitality to the title.

Divalicious I really liked Penny&Aggie

Dynamo 5 sells out this title has the buzz!

Mike Oeming's Omega Flight preview

Buffy's back

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