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Wednesday, March 14

King of Skrull Island

Hope you have been checking out Heidi's Is this gratiuous? series. Sadly, they mostly are.

Gordon adds me to his plan to be an archenemy against bloggers Dave Campbell and Chris Sims

Thx comicbycomic, who listed some blogs..
wherein the trials and tribulations of a Red Headed Librarian Fangirl are chronicled with wit, style and taste.

And Dave's long running Sunday Monkey Covers which leads to..

Check out writer Chuck Satterlees blog, including sketches from Kong: King of Skrull Island. Just found his NY Con post-- On Friday, the con began. For the first half of the day, it was industry folk. Mainly...librarians! We love librarians! Redhead Fangirl was in for the show. I killed her in the first issue of the 2nd volume of OBS. She also runs a comic show which makes her incredibly cool. I dig her.

Greg Rucka is honest about DC and 52.

Heroes panel-- entire cast and Tim Kring. Greg (the cop) wanted to be Peter Petrelli?

Try to beat my bracket - Comic Geek Speak March Madness

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