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Sunday, March 11

"She can steal the magick of anybody"

Four titles starring female characters from DC! I know I am drawn to these books, but there are more female-led comic books in the last few years. These, along with She-Hulk and Spider-Man loves MJ on the Marvel side are on my pull list.

Justice Society of America 3 April 07
Geoff Johns, Dale Eaglesham

Stargirl helps Maxine create a costumed identity. While she's very cute, she could get a side job as an elf at the Macy's Santa display. The women of the JSA are playing a significant role these days, from Power Girl to Stargirl to Maxine. Yes, sometimes their depictions are comicMaxim, the fear at an ambush and the growth of the female characters still makes JSA a good read. I also like the positive moments, in the dark and moody gloom of many of the other titles I read.
Not to say there isn't the very serious storyline of murdering descendents of former JSA members by Captain Nazi and crew.

The Helmet of Fate: Black Alice 1
Black Alice (Lori Lechlin) made a recent dramatic appearance in Birds of Prey, I was interested in her own storyline. She's a goth outsider at her high school, trying to resist using her powers against the jocks and people who torment her. She's lonely, her dad is drunk and angry recently, and her mother was brought back at nearly zombie level. This title involves the "be careful what you wish for" moral, where Black Alice is granted her darkest desires by the Helmet of Fate. This character has a strong potential future-- she's like the Hot Topic superheroine of the day. "She can steal the magick of anybody"

Birds of Prey 102

Oracle's backstory with the Spy Smasher Katarina, of two brilliant and driven women who compete at academics and on the track, was a good one. I like the intimate connection to Oracle, who only orchestrates her team against the villians. Here, the line of morality of what Oracle is and how the Spy Smasher considers the consequences to her bad deeds then does them anyway. The team still has rough edges, and I guess Manhunter will be out soon.

Catwoman 64
"I suppose that's why I like Gotham so much. This place on the other hand...It's just too damn sunny." Catwoman goes to Metropolis to steal a snow globe for The Calculator; hidden under steel and concrete at Lexcorp. Her jaded observations of Gotham vs. Metropolis are witty, and coming up against Luthor is an interesting ride. The Halle Berry Catwoman movie was on last night- I've never seen nor do I want to. I'll stick with Pfeiffer's Catwoman here.

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