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Tuesday, February 27

Bloggers recover from NYCC bender

Wow, I've just started getting the weblog feed while I am overwhelmed with 200 or so posts, I see a lot more gossip and turmoil than my normal looks at my blogroll and the occasional jaunt to newsarama or The Beat.

Can someone in the know lay out which three female bloggers ? I guess one is Ronee (popcultureshock?) Heidi (The Beat?) I try to read the positive women bloggers at Comics Fairplay and Shelly's

And my beloved Gail Simone and Rick Olney (who is he? as a con organizer, I saw this about his cancelled con)

Another good thing is reading many NYCC blogposts as we all recover from that weekend bender. Started working on some panel notes.

Phillygirl and I rushed up to Paul Dini to tell him how she would skip class and watch Batman: The Animated Series, and how we love Harley Quinn. He was polite, and perhaps overwhelmed by two fangirls, but I was glad we met him.

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