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Sunday, January 28

Babs and murder in the library

Batgirl 1 1988
Barbara Randall, Barry Kitson
Babs also sports a long sleepshirt with "U2" on it. I suppose it could be more dated if it said "Choose Life" {Wham} or "Frankie says Relax", which was one of my favorite shirts to wear, without truly realizing what that song was really about. While there was no murder in the library today, the fire alarm was going off, we have no phones, and the outer front door was open.

I've been getting a lot of DVDs from the library- Little Miss Sunshine was great as expected, but The Wicker Man with Nicholas Cage was just awful. As someone wrote on Rotten Tomatoes "Cage trapped in bad movie" Dreamgirls made my mom and I cry, and we loved it, despite the soap opera bits (hello, we all know it's a kid when a woman doesn't feel well and is told she is fatter every day)

In other Entertaiment news, The Aquaman Shrine by Rob of Marlton, NJ was the Obsessive Fan of the Week in Entertainment Weekly. He cops to Tegan being the #1 fan but didn't think they would publish #2 Aquaman fan..

And if you get a chance, please read the fanfic by my comic friend Bryan has written for the Michelle Rodriguex underground: Fanfiction with Michelle as Tigress

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At 6:03 PM, Blogger rob! said...


thanks for checking out the shrine and leaving your comment. did you know that Jan 31 is Mera's birthday, at least according to DC?? i'm hoping to post something with Mera in it (since I dont have the Ideal Super Queens Mera doll *sniff*) to mark the occasion!


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