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Monday, November 7

Autumn day for Souls and Girls

Trying to savor the last bit of my favorite season, fall. After doing some errands, I took a stack of comics, a fleece blanket, the Ipod with Rilo Kiley, Sugar, Ben Folds and other songs I added way late last night to Washington's Crossing park. I wanted to lay in the sun and read my comics and watch the river go by under the quickly falling leaves. But the best laid was too windy, even in my Irish I only read 2 comics. I did enjoy both...

The Book of Lost Souls
J. Michaeal Straczynski, writer; Colleen Doran, artist

Oh, we readers know this quote "Why can't you be like everyone else --
burying your head in books all the time
The green eyed, dark haired male is spurned by his love,
with this cringing write-off,

"All love is unrequited, haven't you heard?"
The art is dark, striking, and the coloring really sets the mood. JMS creates the beginning of a new world of lost souls that I'm looking forward to exploring. (book 2 out 11/9)
And there is a talking cat named Mystery..
."All cats are mysteries. Anyone with any sense loves cats..cats can never be understood"

Girls 6

Josh and Jonathan Luna
There have been some criticisms that the characters are not developed enough in Girls. But Ethan, and the town, have appeal to me. Ethan only said 3 words to ex-Taylor (not THE 3 words), and touched her face - the art and simplicity were deep though.

Plus, there's always a good cliffhanger "what will happen" feeling that sucks me in. I'm happy that cover #7 (of the 24 issue run) is Ethan's ex-- the auburn haired Taylor.


At 3:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have JMS to thank for a quote that I now think of whenever I feel a bit lost...I've paraphrased it a bit...

"Life has meaning, when it comes in fullest pursuit of the heart".


Bill (Melb, Aust)


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