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Tuesday, August 30

(Welcome to) Hell,Michigan

"There's something here, and it's spreading, and it's evil, and don't tell me you don't know it. All of you."

Hell Michigan 1 came out in June, sold out, and was sent back to the press. I like the change of the photo-horror cover. Dan Jolley (writer) and Clint Helinski (artist) have put together a great new horror series of evil invading a small town...and the few strong-willed people who search for others to help stop it.



At 9:36 AM, Blogger ShoreTurtle said...

Hi Redhead Fan girl. I’ve been reading Hell too. The story locale initially caught my eye (yes, there is a hell, Michigan), but the story has kept me reading. I’ve read the first 2 issues and I’m looking forward to reading #3. A Michigan town taken over by the demons from the underworld—it should be required reading for all Michiganders.


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