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Tuesday, August 23

Gutsman and Tigra

I always rave about Gutsman-- a wordless comic by Dutch artist Erik Kriek--- you have to see for yourself. Gutsman's story is told in air bubbles-- if you've played The Sims, it's similar. His girlfriend is Tigra "sparkling female counterpart of the Gutsman" who is the "masked defender of male inadequacy". In an Adaptation/Charlie Kaufman way, Erik Kriek writes himself into the story "the lovestruck artist". I have a Tigra shirt from Amsterdam I love.

And for pure design, Erik Kriek's website is great Gutsman Comics
It's funny, sexy, with unique style. Any artist who creates a character and ends up flirting, drinking, and in bed with her sneaky (but ugly) sister... I tip my hat to that.


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